And……..GO!!  The busy season has officially begun here at Hunter’s Honey Farm.  Here’s the current buzz:

  • At 8pm tonight we expect the return of our hives from Florida. (Yay!)  Tony, our beekeeper, has worked diligently all winter long splitting the hives and multiplying our colony of honey bees to ensure growth and survival instead of loss.
  • Hives are going out to orchards and farms for pollination
  • Our tours are picking up and growing in size
  • Honey and pollen are flying out the doors offering relief to allergy sufferers
  • Queens have been added to our nuc splits and are almost ready for our excited customers

The weather is gorgeous and the winding country drive to the farm is beautiful.  Come visit us, call ahead for a tour, and taste our many honey samples here in the gift shop.

queen-146x300 What's the Buzz?



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